I make and support websites for small and medium-sized publishers and non-profits, mainly using Drupal, CiviCRM, and WordPress. My clients are currently all based in USA and UK. References on request.

This is a new site in Backdrop CMS, a fork of Drupal 7. I do use and recommend Drupal 8 for larger sites. For less demanding sites the additional time and effort required to develop for and maintain Drupal 8 compared with simpler software is difficult to justify. Backdrop CMS combines many of the advances of Drupal 8 with the relative ease of maintenance of Drupal 7, which was already a flexible, powerful and complex system.

My work covers the whole range from server setup and admin, through planning and consultancy, backend development and frontend development, to troubleshooting. Since I work with a small number of long-term clients, a lot of the work I do is maintenance and development of existing sites. From time to time I make new sites when my clients require that, or when a new client needs something a bit more advanced than they can readily make themselves using tools like Squarespace or Wix.

When making a new site for a client, if the site is to be relatively simple I tend to recommend WordPress because in my experience its maintenance costs are lower than the costs of maintaining Drupal 7, let alone Drupal 8. Where extensive flexibility, features, and customisation are required, Drupal 7, now replaced by Backdrop CMS, does offer a lot more than WordPress. For larger projects Drupal 8 (soon to morph into Drupal 9) comes into its own.

All these CMSs work with CiviCRM, a sophisticated Customer / Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system which, being free and open source, is far cheaper than commercial alternatives such as Salesforce. I have experience of and training in CiviCRM work.

Content for this new website will be coming soon--albeit probably not much, as the site is just brief business card. I do write content related to my work in the form of answers on Quora and on the https://www.drupal.org forums, where I have provided many thousands of support posts over the years under the username John_B.