We recommend Wordpress for small business or individual sites. It is ideal for beautiful mobile-responsive sites with a lot of flexibility, which are nevertheless easy to use, and affordable to build and maintain. The site in the image is a typical application: it is one of the Wordpress sites we have made for a one-person business, in this case a London-based mobile Apple Mac engineer (click on the image to go to the live site).

Wordpress is used on over 50% of the CMS sites on the Web worldwide. It is generally reliable and intuitive. With the addition of premium software which we use, it has now developed to the point where it can offer many of the features and possibilities for customisation which Drupal offers, including options for end-user customisation via the browser, without the need for programming skills.

If you have a site you like but which does not benefit from the CMS technology which makes it easy to edit the site yourself via the browser, we can transfer the site to Wordpress while copying its appearance exactly. We have experience of this work, as well as of building a site based on a pdf or Photoshop design supplied by the client.

We have experience of making multi-lingual sites, and speak German.