This is my first ever website, and although I had a good idea of what I wanted it to look like, it was difficult for me to get it across. John’s patience, professionalism, expertise and friendly manner made the process a lot easier, and I must say that I’m absolutely delighted with the finished product. John has continued to provide invaluable support and is never far away when I need some advice reagrding updates, SEO etc. I thoroughly enjoyed working with John and gladly recommend digitpros services to anyone who is looking for great web design.  Derek Callan, http://professionalenglish.at

John helped me finish a site I developed in Drupal and has been helping me with ad hoc queries since then, and I’m very happy to recommend him. He always gets back to me quickly, and has been able to find a solution for nearly everything I’ve thrown at him.

He’s also been good at flagging up where there’s a better, quicker, or cheaper way of getting the result I’m looking for, coaching me to allow me to resolve some problems myself, and even having a quick look at things to steer me in the right direction without charging me.

He’s friendly and professional, and provides a human, quick and flexible service that’s just perfect for my small business. Jessica Kennedy, http://www.smallbiztribe.com/

Even antiquarian booksellers have to move with the times and, when I realised that I needed a professionally designed website, I was not sure where to turn; the options seemed overwhelming to someone more at home with the printed page than the computer screen. Then I had a chat with John at Digit Professionals. He explained, in layman’s terms, the various possibilities, took the trouble to understand my business and where I was coming from, and made a clear recommendation, with a guaranteed price. Since then Digit Professinals have been with me every step of the way, along a steep learning curve; sometimes I have only been aware of a problem with my web site when they have emailed me to say they have solved it! My website has been up and running for eighteen months now and you would be amazed at the opportunities that have winged there way to me over the internet, out of the blue. I don’t know how I managed without my Digit Professionals website; I would recommend them to anyone, they are 100% professional.  Paul Hilton, www.hiltonbooks.co.uk email: Paul at hlltonbooks.co.uk

Digit Professionals helped create a well designed website that results in me receiving 2-3 enquiries a week . It's an advantage that they know about Search Optimisation so that they can design your site in such a way that you get a high google ranking resulting in more visits to your website. I can recommend them.  Richard Cole, www.relatenow.co.uk

I contribute to a website that John maintains and often have to contact him to solve minor and - to me - major snags. Since retiring from my profession I have let my IT skills slide seriously, and as the IT world moves forward at amazing speed it is now safe to say I am a bit of a klutz. John is quite remarkable in the speed with which he reacts to any query, and while it took him a little time to realise just how basic my understanding is, it actually did not matter. He understands what I say, and he solves my problems in a way that makes it unnecessary for me to understand how he does it. It helps immensely that he never makes me feel silly and is always willing to explain in basic terms, something that is unfortunately not the attitude from all website supporters. Ulla-Brita Carlsen