Our Drupal and Wordpress websites are in most cases, and subject to the client's design preferences, customised for optimum viewing on different types of computer including mobile devices. Much browsing is done on mobiles, and any

modern site should be friendly to users of tablets and smartphones.

If you resize your browser on the present site, you will see how it displays differently, in order to look good and to offer optimum usability for devices with different screen sizes. If your present website is not yet mobile-ready, it is time to upgrade it!

Some sites serve a completely different site to user of mobiles which is stripped down to its bare essentials. In certain situations, for example sites offering public transport updates, this is the best solution, although of course it increases costs. In most situations, the right solution is to use the same basic site, but design it to work well on mobiles, and add just enough responsive features to improve the mobile browsing experience whilst retaining as much as possible of the basic look and branding.

Our sites are also built with accessibility in mind. They also use high quality HTML5 (the latest coding standard), and other features which are good for SEO (search engine optmization).

We are happy to advise on further steps we or you can take to improve your visibility and ranking in Google and other search engines.